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Warning Signs Of Clogged

Regular dryer vent cleaning is essential to ensure that your house is safe & clean. Fortunately, you can watch specific warning signs to indicate that your dryer vent might be blocked or obstructed. Once you notice these signs, make sure to call Carpet Cleaning Spring, TX, for help. There's excessive lint behind your dryer even there's no lint inside your lint screen.

You will notice that clothes take a long time to dry & there is excess lint & pet hair on your clothing. Usually, the hot dryer or the clothes themselves feels hot to touch & there is a moldy smell coming out while the dryer is operating. When the dryer is clogged, you will find it needs extra cycles as your clothes are still damp.

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Dangers Of Blocked Dryer!

According to the National Fire Protection Association, poorly maintained clothes dryers & washing machines are the leading causes behind house fires. If you have a gas dryer with clogged vents or are not adequately maintained, it will cause carbon monoxide to build up inside your house. Thus, you have to call Carpet Cleaning Spring TX for effective lint removal.

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Also, a clogged dryer vent won't be able to remove moisture which causes to be released inside your house, causing mold growth. Therefore, to be safe, you should call our professional technicians for effective dryer vent cleaning at the cheapest prices in Spring, Texas, and keep your family & property always safe! We are more than happy to serve your needs.


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Benefits Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

The first benefit of the dryer vent cleaning is your safety! When it comes to your loved ones' safety, call Carpet Cleaning Spring, TX. We will help you reduce the fire risk, carbon monoxide & mold growth by improving the airflow & removing clogs from your dryer vent. Once your dryer is clean, it won't consume more time & will faster the drying times, which means that your clothes will dry quickly.

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Removing Dust & Dirt

Reduce your Energy Costs

Once we eliminate blockage from your dryer vent, it will be energy efficient, reducing your energy costs. With our specialized equipment, we can clean out your clogged vents. Our regular dryer maintenance will help you extend the lifetime of your appliance & last for ten years or more! Thus, count on us now and avoid future repairs.

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